Fixing a Garage Door That Opens But Won’t Close

No one wants to leave their garage door open all day, but what do you do when it suddenly stops closing? Instead of calling in an expensive garage door company, try troubleshooting the issue yourself first with these tips. With a little patience and basic tools, you may be able to save yourself some money and get that door closing again in no time.

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Check the Photo Eyes

One of the most common reasons a garage door won’t close is if the safety sensors, also known as photo eyes, are misaligned or dirty. These photo eyes are usually located on each side of the door near the floor and work together to form a light beam. If this beam is interrupted while the door is closing, it will stop and reverse direction. Make sure the photo eyes are clean and lined up properly facing each other across the door opening. Even a small amount of dirt or debris can interfere with the beam.

Inspect the Door Tracks and Rollers

Take a close look at the metal tracks that the door rolls up and down on. Are they aligned properly without any dents or kinks? Bent tracks can cause the door to get stuck. Check that the wheel rollers are spinning smoothly without any resistance. Roller wheels that are stuck, cracked, or out of alignment are a frequent cause of garage doors not closing fully. Replace any damaged rollers for smooth door operation.

Test the Cables and Springs

The large metal torsion springs above the door help to lift and balance the weight of the door as it opens and closes. Worn out or broken springs cannot provide enough power and will prevent the door from shutting all the way. Inspect the cables that run from the drums on each end of the torsion springs down to the door. Cables that have snapped or come loose need to be replaced right away for safety. Always exercise extreme caution around garage door springs due to the high tension stored in them.

Check the Garage Door Opener

Especially if you have an older model garage door opener, the motor may be starting to fail. With a weakened motor, it won’t have enough strength left to fully close the heavy door. Test if the opener motor is running normally or making unusual noises when attempting to close the door. One repair option in some cases could be buying a new opener from a local company like Garage Door Repair in Mechanicsville.

Search for Obstructions

While you have the door open, carefully examine both sides and overhead for any items blocking the door’s path. Bundles of loose wires, paint cans, packing boxes, and other stored items left too close can all interfere with smooth door operation if they come into contact during opening and closing cycles. Remove any potential obstructions from the door area before testing it again.

With some basic troubleshooting, you may be able to identify and fix the underlying problem allowing your garage door to open but not close properly. Don’t hesitate to call in a certified technician from your area if needed to complete more complex repairs or installations. With the right part replacements and adjustments, you should be able to get that door closing securely once more.