How to Repair a Garage Door?

Garage doors were invented in the 19th century and have been a staple in American homes ever since. Today, homeowners can choose from a wide selection of styles and designs, usually with remote-control access to make it even more convenient. When your garage door breaks down, it’s important to repair it quickly, so you do not let heat out in the summer or let cold air in during the winter. Garage Door Repair Norfolk VA can repair any problem you are experiencing with your garage door, but there are times when the only option is to replace it. Here are some tips on repairing a garage door.


Step one: Prepare for repairs

You will need to have both hands free to repair your garage door. This means if you have children, you need to find a babysitter for the day or keep them in another part of the home. You should also remove any obstacles that may get in your ways, such as garbage bins or bicycles. Finally, switch the power off at the breaker box, so no one gets injured while repairs are being done.

Step two: Check the tracks

The tracks are the part of your garage door that slides up and down when it opens and closes. It’s possible something has fallen onto the track, which will need to be removed before you can make any repairs. Use a broom handle or fishing rod to check each track for debris or obstructions. If you find something, move it so the garage door can function properly.

Step three: Oil tracks

If your garage door is loud or difficult to open and close, the problem could be with the track itself. You will need to oil each track before making any other repairs. Use a good quality lubricant that does not leave behind any residue.

Step four: Test the garage door

After you have made repairs, it’s important to test your garage door before using it. Open and close the door several times to make sure it’s working properly. If there are still problems with your garage door opener, contact a professional for assistance.