An Inexpensive Upgrade Made a Big Difference

With winter around the corner, I wanted to make sure our garage door was insulated properly to keep the cold air out. After taking a closer look, I noticed the weather stripping around the door had really deteriorated over the years. This small but important piece was letting drafts in and making the garage feel colder than it needed to be.

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Assessing the Weather Stripping

I examined the weather stripping that runs along the sides and top of the garage door. In many spots it had cracked, peeled away from the door, or flattened out so it no longer created a tight seal. Cold air was easily seeping in through these gaps. Despite its condition, replacing weather stripping is generally a very simple do-it-yourself project with inexpensive materials.

Purchasing New Weather Stripping

I headed to the local home improvement store to pick up a roll of new weather stripping. Stores like this will have various types suitable for different garage door styles and materials. I found a strip that was the right width and material to match my existing door. The roll provided enough length to fully replace what was there. All told it only cost around $15-20, a small investment for better insulation.

Removing the Old and Installing the New

Removing the old weather stripping was as easy as peeling it away from the garage door. From there, I cleaned the surface to ensure a clean attachment for the new material. Installation was simply pressing the new strip firmly into place along the perimeter. At spots where it met, I overlapped sections slightly for a tight seal. The entire replacement took less than an hour, even for a home hobbyist like myself.

The Difference Was Clear

Once complete, I closed the garage door to test the new weather stripping. It was like night and day – I could no longer feel any drafts coming in and the space felt noticeably warmer already. The garage no longer acted like a big empty fridge keeping the inside temperature low. If your weather stripping looks worn like mine did, this small project goes a long way. It was well worth the minimal time and money invested. I’m glad I caught the issue before winter set in. If problems come up later, places like Garage Door Repair in Hampton can also assist with weather stripping replacement or other door repairs.

Maintaining the Upgrade

To keep the new weather stripping performing optimally for years to come, I’ll need to do basic maintenance when cleaning the garage door. Gently removing any built up dirt or debris helps the strip form a tight seal. Over time if it starts to flatten or peel, replacement is generally straightforward. Overall this small fix made a big impact on how well our garage door insulates – a simple project well worth the effort for any homeowner.

In Summary

Deteriorated weather stripping allows unwanted drafts into the garage through small openings. For a few dollars and just over an hour of time, you can replace it yourself for improved insulation. The results are immediately noticeable once the new material is installed. It’s an easy and affordable maintenance task homeowners should consider this time of year before winter arrives. Taking a look at your weather stripping now could make a big difference in keeping the garage space warmer.