Safety First When Working on Your Garage Door

It’s important to be careful when repairing or replacing parts of your garage door. One component that requires extra caution is the garage door torsion or extension springs. These springs help lift the heavy door and can cause serious injuries if they break or slip while under tension. Here are some key safety tips to keep in mind.

Warning Signs it’s Time for a Spring Repair

Pay attention to your garage door’s behavior. If the door is getting harder to open manually or doesn’t stay fully open on its own, the springs may need attention. Squeaking or creaking noises can also indicate worn parts. It’s best not to ignore issues or put off repairs, as component failures can develop suddenly without warning. Schedule a professional assessment right away if problems arise.

Call in the Pros for Spring Work

Replacing or repairing garage door springs should only be attempted by qualified professionals. The springs are under extreme tension and can cause devastating injuries like fractures or cuts if they slip or break during installation. Leave this type of repair to the experts at companies like Garage Door Spring Repair in Chesapeake. They have proper training, tools, and experience needed to safely complete the job.

Watch Out for Broken Cables or Sheaves

These components attach directly to the springs and help distribute lifting force evenly across the door panels. Frayed or broken cables and damaged sheaves need to be replaced along with worn-out springs. Never try to operate a door with faulty lifts or you risk accidents. Instead, get any issues addressed promptly by garage door technicians.

Take Extra Precautions Around Moving Parts

Keep hands and loose clothing away from hinges, rollers, tracks, and other moving parts when the door is in operation. Garage door openers feature automatic closing mechanisms as a safety feature, so avoid obstructing sensors or holding open functions. Children should never play near garage interiors without adult supervision either.

Conduct Regular Maintenance Checks

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to garage door breakdowns. Examine all components monthly for signs of wear. Lubricate hinges, rollers, and bearings with light machine oil to keep them gliding smoothly. Inspect cables for fraying or snaps too. Address small issues before they escalate into major repair needs down the line.

Safety First During Emergencies

If springs or other lift components fail, the door can crash down unexpectedly. In such situations, keep away from the door and call for expert assistance right away. Although rare, lift system failures require the utmost caution due to the potential for devastating injuries from falling panels. Have pros assess the issues and conduct any repairs.

With a little care and attention to safety, your garage door systems should provide reliable service for years. But always leave any spring work or major repairs to qualified professionals for your protection. Early intervention also saves money by preventing costly breakdowns. Stay safe by keeping potential risks top-of-mind.