Stylish Options for Updating Sliding Door Hardware and Handles

Sliding doors are a practical addition to any home, but over time the hardware can start to show wear and tear. Updating sliding door handles is an affordable way to refresh the look and feel of these entryways without a major renovation project. Whether you need simple sliding door repair Tampa or a full hardware replacement, browsing your options can help you choose styles that match your home’s aesthetic.

Sliding Door Hardware and Handles

Assessing What You Currently Have

The first step is taking a good look at your existing sliding door handles and hardware. Note the condition, material, finish, and functionality. Are the handles still smooth and easy to use? Any rusted, broken or loose pieces? This evaluation will help determine if a simple polish or replacement is in order. Reputable sliding doors experts Tampa Florida can also inspect for more extensive issues like damage to the tracks or rollers.

When shopping for replacement handles and hardware, some common material choices include:

Metal: Brass, aluminium, steel and wrought iron handles have a traditional, sturdy appearance. Metal handles hold up well but may require occasional polishing.

Wood: Natural or painted wood handles with brass or silver accents pair nicely with wood interior doors. Require occasional conditioning to prevent cracking or warping.

Composite/Plastic: Durable synthetic materials mimic the look of metal or wood at a lower cost. Low maintenance but won’t have the same heirloom quality.

Glass/Ceramic: Transparent or colored glass and ceramic handles add a modern, architectural touch. Very low maintenance but can break if dropped.

Consider your home’s style and budget when choosing materials for a coordinated look throughout.

Contemporary Handle Designs

In terms of shape and detailing, here are some on-trend handle styles:

  • Slim, elongated ovals or ellipses for a streamlined aesthetic. Great for contemporary interiors.
  • Geometric shapes like circles, rectangles or squares add visual interest. Pair with decorative edge treatments.
  • Organic curves that mimic natural forms like seashells, leaves or flowers for a organic vibe.
  • Sculptural designs with twisting spirals, knots or embossed patterns make a bold statement.
  • Straight bars or horizontal pulls mounted above or below the door for a classic cottage look.

Take cues from your existing furnishings and architectural details when picking out handle shapes. Consider mounting location as well – above, below, center or both sides.

Handle and Hardware Sets

Rather than single standalone handles, many homeowners prefer matching sets that also include additional hardware components. Common extras include:

  • Privacy/comfort lever handles inside for easy one-handed use
  • Surface or recessed door pulls outside for accessibility
  • Security locks and bolts for added peace of mind
  • Magnetic or friction catches to keep doors securely closed
  • Threshold plates and sweeps to seal out drafts

Coordinating sets let you completely revamp sliding doors in one fell swoop for a cohesive look front to back. Be sure dimensions align with your existing cutouts for seamless do-it-yourself installation.

Easy DIY Installation

Replacing just the handles is typically a simple do-it-yourself project if the existing cutouts are the proper size. Most replacements can be attached using the existing screws or fasteners. However, if tracks or rollers also need repair it’s best to hire qualified experts like sliding doors experts Tampa Florida for proper adjustment and alignment to ensure smooth operation.

With the right tools and a weekend afternoon, you can refresh sliding door hardware yourself and enjoy your new stylish entryways for years to come. Don’t forget basic maintenance like periodic lubrication to keep everything running silky smooth. Beautiful sliding door hardware is an affordable way to boost your home’s curb appeal and interior design from room to room.