How You Can Wallpaper the Inside Of Your Garage Door To Give It An Amazing Look

Have you ever wanted to put up a real eye-catching wall in your garage but didn’t know how to do it? Or maybe you have tried and were disappointed with the result. If so, this article is for you. I’ll show you how a great looking garage door can be achieved with the help of some basic wallpapers tricks. Sticky papers for walls are a good way to give your garage a makeover and make it look classy and elegant.

You might have thought that a garage was just a place to park your car and keep the lawnmower in. It’s not. A garage plays a vital role in your home and it is important to take care of it properly. A well-designed, stylish, orderly and functional garage is going to give you great benefits as well! So lets get started and give that Garage door a unique look.

How You Can Wallpaper the Inside Of Your Garage Door To Give It An Amazing Look

Required tools                                                 

Before you start this DIY project, then you might have to understand all the tools that you will need for the project. Here is the list:

  • Level
  • Tape Measure
  • Point roller
  • Straightedge
  • Utility knife/ exacto knife
  • Scissors
  • Natural sponge
  • Wallpaper smoother
  • Wallpaper roller

Wallpaper the inside of garage door-Step by step guide

Measure Your Garage Door

Measure the width and depth of your garage door so that you know how much wallpaper will fit in there. You can use a tape measure or ruler, but if you’re using an old-fashioned pencil and paper, then just go ahead and draw it out on there.

Buy Fabric

You’ll need enough fabric for one roll (usually about four yards) unless you want to make multiple rolls. Make sure that the fabric matches what’s already up there especially in terms of the theme. Even if it doesn’t match perfectly, it’ll look better than having different shades or colors going on top of each other!

Prepare the wall

Before you begin, please make sure that your garage door is clean and dry. If you have any old wallpaper or paper in your garage floor, make sure to remove it before applying the Wallpaper. This same thing applies for peel and stick wallpaper for living room and any other room in the house. Remove any old wallpaper from the door by scraping it off with a utility knife or wire brush. Clean the surface well using soap and water and allow it to dry completely before applying any new wallpaper. Don’t use alcohol as this can damage your garage door paint job if left on for too long!

Apply from top to bottom

Use a roller or paint brush to apply wallpaper to the wall, starting with one long edge and working your way down. Smooth out any bubbles as you go and remove any excess paper with a damp cloth before leaving it to dry completely.

Smooth out the wallpaper

At this point, you can use a smoother to smooth the wallpaper ove5r every square inch of the paper. Make sure you are not squeezing too hard because it can get the paste out. However, for those using self-adhesive wallpaper, then it can be better. For those working with pre-paste wallpaper, it can be a little challenging.

Cut the excess Wallpaper

Use scissors or an exacto knife to cut away any excess paper from along the edges of each strip, then smooth out any bubbles by gently rubbing them with a finger or thumb.


We hope that this guide has helped you realize that there are many ways to create a certain look for your garage door. There’s no limit to the styles and designs you can try out. So don’t be afraid to experiment, and find the solution that you like best.